Have you ever felt confused on whats the next step in your life? Why is it that you are here for? What is the way you can be more helpful and there for been seen and considered for the talents you share with others?
Many of us need to work to gain our bred.

But the biggest hunger we have at a deeper level is the hunger of meaning. Having a meaning that gives sense and passion to our life.

When you get on the track of your meaning nothing stops you. You feel confident, you feel so into it that you can loose the track of time while creating and sharing your meaning with the world.

The next Pranayama Session taking place in Berlin on June 27th is all about meaning. All about releasing the energy of fear that creates confusion and dispersion and doesn’t allow you to connect with that meaning. Meaning is not something that happens in our head, it’s something that takes place in our heart. When our heart is overloaded with worries and anxiety we simply have hard time to connect with that meaning and to share it with the world in any creative form, through projects and services, art community‚Ķ But, attention! The energy of anxiety and fear and worry can be transformed into creative fuel. That’s what it’s all about in our next session. Join us clicking here.