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Renew Within


We meet once a week for three months to create impact, growth and change in your life. 

  • Define your goal, considering what is the most important to you right now.
  • Align your mindset and beliefs to your goal and give you new perspective. 
  • Unblock emotional energy through breathwork.
  • Expand your energy levels to be able to act.
  • Have accountability. 
  • Correct your breathing habits and share my most powerful breathing tools gathered during more than 20 years of work in the field. 
  • Direct access to my support through phone messaging in between sessions. 
  • There is that higher level of awareness and connection that make this work feel magical, that I can’t really describe with words. You need to come and experience it, grow into it, expand with it. Let it transform you. 

Combine your intense desire, with the power of your breath, with a focused mind and you become unstoppable.

Your life is a story, of legacy.
What do you want your next chapter to be?

I can help you create it...

These are some of my tools

1:1 Coaching

Set a goal and we work on the right mindset for you to achieve it. Because what you believe about yourself and your capacity to create the life that you want, is crucial in making it happen. Asking the right questions we put your thoughts on the right track.


Your breath contains your life force. Use it well and it can help you breakthrough new levels of awareness, expansion and success. Breathing optimally helps you live longer and healthier mentally, physically and emotionally. Your breath is the fuel that creates transformation.


You need energy to take decisions and act on them. You need the right amount at the right intensity. Too little energy and you feel tired and confused. Too much intensity and you feel burned out. We gather emotional energy from your past, from your habits, and use it to create your future. When you team up with the energy that creates worlds, quantum leaps happen.

Stress management

Creating anything new generates a certain amount of stress. I help you shift from survival mode into creator mode. So you can enjoy the ride. Is there any other way worth living?

Simple Steps To Your Next Level

Decided to Change
You decide internally what you really want

Intention is powerful. Without wanting it and deciding to create your next level, it's hard to generate momentum and make it happen.  So know what you want. That's the first  major step.

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 Very few people (if any) achieve anything great alone. You need accountability. A person to cheer you up, calling you out, celebrating the wins, adjusting the plan, giving you perspective, helping you gain more energy, showing you what's possible - it’s hard to do it all alone. Let’s check your energy levels and help you increase them; Align your mindset with what you want to create, and set you up for a new cycle of expansion.

Let's do this!

Expanding into a new level in your life can be hard work. Getting out of your comfort zone requires commitment. A commitment to yourself, to your growth, to change. Commitment to dropping old emotional habits  and to become the person that you need to, to create the life that you dream and deserve. 

Create your next chapter
100% Success rate...

My 1-on-1 programs have never failed anyone. You either get massive results in that area you were willing to shift,  or you get massive mindset transformation as a preparation for your next expansion. I've got your back! I am truly celebrating in advance all your achievements. Because I have seen it happen again and again: Energy work + mindset work = Expansion guaranteed!

The Investment

€ 5.000 IN FULL + VAT



You can also go all in for the 6 month program and invest

€9.000 IN FULL + VAT