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My name is Rakel. My mission is to help you achieve extraordinary shifts – personal and professional-  using breathing technology, mindset work and the use of your own energy, life force. I say extraordinary shifts because these kinds of shift challenge you, they change you, they expand your perception of yourself and the life you have so far lived. They expand your consciousness. They have a positive ripple effect on your love ones and  your community. Whether you are going through a separation-divorce, a job transition or crisis, or you are simply highly stressed, feeling it’s time to move into your next level in life, I am here to hold space for you and open the way to creating your next level. Ready?

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Rakel Sosa

I am a life mentor specialized in prevention and management of stress and breathing. I am dedicated to guiding and lightening transition processes -separation or divorce, job transition, life crisis, among other areas- and turning them into processes of deep growth and personal transformation. Are you at the verge of big life change now? Let’s talk


I provide you with a safe space to create your next level in life.

I hold space for you to recharge your energy to find your emotional sweet spot, to navigate transitions and expansion with ease. Combining the use of your breath with mindset protocols to promote assertive decision making and increase your energy to take action.

In-person and remote options

My space is conveniently located in Berlin in a lovely spot in Schöneberg. You don’t live in this city? No worries – I’ve got you covered with tele-sessions.

"No matter the crisis, start with the breath and all the rest will fall into place"

— Rakel Sosa.


Upcoming Events


Online sessions The second Sunday of the month


What People say

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 22.48.23

Coco Berlin

Author of Pussy Yoga

“Rakel created a beautiful space for us to relax and dive deep into our souls. I felt completely safe and guided on my journey. She truly is an inspiration and does wonderful work!”      

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 22.48.59

Miriam Petit


“Yesterday was so powerful. It really moved things in me. I felt it so deeply. And was so centred and without the constant dialogue I have in my mind of late. I found great forgiveness for myself and others followed by so much gratitude for all I have and truly felt a oneness with the universe.”

Marisa Toldo

Marisa Toldo - Architect.

“During a very stressful family situation I worked with Rakel’s Chill Out program and techniques. Afterwards I was able to sleep much better. Before, I would have stayed awake all night feeling very anxious. Since using these these techniques, it’s easy for me to feel much more present in my body and really have a restful night”.

Melisa Davis

Owner of Mad for Vintage

“I found Rakel’s Chill Out program to be very helpful. Especially on Sunday nights to help calm me down before the start of a hectic work week. Sundays are always very anxious times for me and I usually have trouble sleeping as well. After doing this program it helped me relax, sleep and have more energy on Monday morning. Which is huge for me.”

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 22.55.25

María Alejandra Gruber

Restaurant Owner

“The sessions are always different and very nurturing, I am impressed by the amount of tools you use, and how capable you are to transmit the information and knowledge you master! Bravo! I admire you a lot !!! You are extremely professional. You share your knowledge with confidence and sweetness at the same time. Your sessions nurture me at a deeper level than I expected.  I  slept excellently! I am extremely relaxed after the sessions.”

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 23.09.19

Elisa Goodkind

Stylikeu - founder

“My time working with Rakel was totally transformational in terms of helping me to deal with my triggers and emotions while meditating. The sweeping breath in particular is so essential to helping me calm down and release negative emotional energy, it’s truly life changing and empowering.”

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 19.53.55

Anna Faßbinder

Yoga teacher

“I worked with Rakel in her mentorship program the Woman’s Inner Circle and it really changed my life! With her support, the one on one buddy that she assigned and the whole group I brought my vision to life and with it went a step further to my deepest inner truth. This network of wonderful woman helped me to believe in myself, to be accountable and to make my dream project come true; I created a podcast of Yoga for Children and I am becoming known in my field thanks to that. The mixture of breath work and energetics, meditation and  journaling techniques helped me a lot to focus, get into a flow state and to believe in myself. Thank you so much for this precious experience!”

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 20.06.19

Tobi Ayedadjou

Founder of RECONEKT

“I was part of Rakel’s Teacher Immersion. We are aware that air is around us, that we must breathe to stay alive, but do we really know why and how to breathe properly? 

This is what the immersion offered. It took me on a journey of understanding what happens scientifically in our body and brain when we breathe the way we should. And also, how it is connected to our emotions and mental stability. 
I learned what a powerful tool breathwork is. How important and useful it is in our daily routine, either in our professional life, spiritual practices and mental and physical wellbeing and indirectly how it helps improve the relationship with ourself and the people around us. Breathing is truly life.

Susanne Handstein

Business Development Manager

“Before I met Rakel, I was very sceptical and not sure about what to expect of her private coaching session and how they could potentially serve me.

But right there, in this very first session, she captured me and made me feel so comfortable and save by explaining her techniques in a way that I was able to understand and relate to them, that I simply had to work with her.

Since then, without exaggeration, my life has completely changed. Rakel made me realise so many things about myself, my work-life balance, my love life and other relationships and worked with me on getting my life to the next level where I can truly say that I am happy.

 I will be forever grateful for everything Rakel has taught me, for every up and down she accompanied me through, for rediscovering my feeling and emotions, for getting me ready for a new life and most of all for all her love and for always being there for me. 

Rakel is truly so special and working with her was one of the best experiences, since her techniques will serve you long term and give you the capability to shift your life around in no time.”

Aurelie Signat

Brand Manager

“Rakel’s coaching was recommended to me via a friend whom I will be forever thankful as it has completely changed my life.

The continuous breathwork (with Rakel during the session and work at home) has been so effective. It helped me reach new milestones in my life and to work towards my biggest dreams.

During the first coaching cycle I found  my partner and landed a new job. Besides the breath work and other meditation techniques Rakel constantly asks the right questions and gives so many valuable tips for private and professional life. A coaching with her is perfect if you are ready to change things in your life.”

Uta Erle

Medical Doctor, Psychotherapist

“I did the Breathwork Teacher Immersion with Rakel…This was a great balanced course full of knowledge and love. I would recommend this immersion to get a holistic understanding of the breath and the physiological effects it connects to. The concrete breathing tools and meditation exercises are so easy to implement and will definitely support my work. Two years later these practices have become an important part in my therapies to help the client manage emotional states going into parasympathetic state, to manage their stress levels in a better way.” 

Jobina Bardai

Life Coach & Miracle Mentor

“My body is SO much more in flow since my session with Rakel. Usually I start fighting with it as soon as I wake up in the morning, but I noticed right away that I can breathe much better and that my energy is flowing in a way that I have never experienced. I am so grateful!.” 

Laurie Reinke

Birth and Postpartum Doula

“Rakel’s Chill Out Program is a brilliant source of regeneration. Her voice radiates soothing properties,  at the same time transferring confidence. Rakel presents Jacobson’s progressive relaxation therapy in a way that I can easily apply it to a busy daily routine. It does not matter if I have only five minutes or twenty. The different versions; 16, 8 and 4 muscle group programs allows one to customize the exercises based on time restraints. I strongly recommend Rakel’s Chill Out Program to all of my clients”.

Ingrid Hübscher


“The 16-muscle relaxation and Rakel’s breathing techniques are a great tool which helps me face each day in a relaxed but focused way!


“I consider myself to be a health-conscious person. I am a vegan, I meditate and I exercise regularly. I had never had to deal with any serious health problems, until I started experiencing difficulty breathing. What started as a conscious effort to fill my lungs with air, rapidly progressed into a state where even when I inhaled, I was not able to get enough air in my lungs. I had to stop exercising, as it became impossible for me to do the simplest exercise without experiencing a severe shortness of breath. I tried to put it out of my mind, but the problem persisted to the point where I was afraid that I would stop breathing altogether.

I went to see my doctor, and after running all the tests, I was told that there was nothing wrong with me. The doctor attributed it to stress, and that it would go away by itself. I knew that Rakel specialized in breathwork and meditation, and I decided to give her a call. I explained my situation to Rakel as she listened intently.  After I was done speaking, she said very calmly to me: “I have been able to help many people who have come to me with any number of afflictions that can be traced to poor breathing. Your situation is very straight forward; you cannot breathe. I know I can help you. My success rate is 100%!”  I was sold!

During our weekly meetings Rakel took the time to find out about what was going on with me and my life, she explained the breathing exercises and had me do them in front of her as she corrected me and guided me in the proper techniques. I found Rakel to be absolutely transparent, approachable, compassionate and relatable. I experienced relief after our very first session, and now I am totally fine. My breathing problem disappeared, and Rakel left me with an arsenal of tools that I now incorporate for my optimum health.

I now have a new awareness of how important proper breathing is and how badly I had neglected it. My prediction is that as more and more people start discovering how so many health issues can be addressed through breathing techniques, Rakel and professionals like her will be in short supply. I cannot thank Rakel enough for what she did for me.”

“I have worked with Rakel during the summer of 2019 doing her 3 month programme while going through one of the toughest periods of my life.
My partner and I had decided to part ways and I was desperate for tools to navigate this emotionally turbulent time. For years I had undergone cycles of depression, deep seated frustration and lack of self-worth. I struggled with anger management issues, alcohol abuse and not seldomly carried all this into my relationships with my partner and children.
When I started her course, I was completely unable to deal with the intensity of my grief. Jealousy, bitter nostalgia, anger over unsolved arguments – in short, the entire spectrum of emotions to be expected from grieving a lost love were weighing heavy on me. Rakel’s hands-on approach immediately had a positive impact though. I practiced the techniques she taught me every day – at work, at home, where ever I was, particularly when waves of emotions washed over me or I felt depressed. This not only helped to feel better in the moment – and believe me, it feels amazing – but also laid the ground stone for bigger realizations to come. With her guidance and the practice I developed with her help I was able to re-connect with myself at the deepest levels, discover my energy and vulnerability and have an actual spiritual awakening. Yes, I have walked this path, step by step, peak to valley, but I cannot imagine I would have ended up in the place I am in now without her help.
Rakel is a wonderful mentor. Her own personal experiences are tightly woven-in with a grounding in science and her years-long professional practice. The approach she takes is pragmatic and guided by the situation at hand, giving space to, and addressing my needs as they arose. The way she introduced breathing and meditation to me catered to the person I am allowing me to engage with ideas I might previously have been dismissive or ignorant of.
I can not express the gratitude I feel for her guidance in this time of personal growth, and I am proud to have taken that step. It already feels like a much bigger investment than anticipated.”


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