About me

Let me introduce myself properly. I am Rakel Sosa.

I’m a breathwork and stress management specialist, a mother and a women’s health author. In 1998 my life was a stressful roller coaster... I was working as a journalist for a radio organization in Paris, reporting from conflict zones including The Gaza Strip. I often felt in danger. The stress was accumulating from interviewing those suffering and from the competitive environment. As a journalist, I seemed to constantly be in a hurry, racing against the clock. I was an adrenaline junky. Plus I was an union representative fighting for employee’s rights, so in constant battle…

Burned-out? I have been there…

Eleven years into the journalist job I felt overwelhmed and empty with the life I was living. I was 35 years old, successful, but with a very lonely private life. My busy schedule didn’t allow boyfriend or family project of any kind. And so I took a sabbatical, decided to move to Los Angeles, and there I got married and pregnant. Many of my dreams became true.

Things got trickier though…In the second month of my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with a painful fibroid that according to the doctor was supposed to grow as big as the size of the baby, keep me in bed the whole pregnancy and impose a cesarian. Feeling against the wall in total despair, I took the decision to turn things around. I used all the breathing and meditations techniques that I had learned in my youth to created a system that not only helped me have a healthy normal pregnancy but also a natural birth. The doctor was quite impressed. Me too. I realised how huge was the power of our mind, our energy, the breath and our body.

I decided to quit my journalist carrier and invested time on learning the science and art of relaxing the body, mind and emotions, tapping into the human potential through breathing, to create the reality that we want. 


I felt the need to share with others my findings, so they can change their lives for the best. That’s what moves my work.

Breathing optimally has saved my life so many times. I couldn't have survived emotionally and mentally working as a journalist in conflict zones, covering bomb attacks or child trafficking if it wasn't for my breathing training managing energy and mindset skills. At a personal level I saved my child during a complicated pregnancy, I went through a divorce with certain ease, I rebuilt my professional life from zero, mostly thanks to my increased resilience developed in my breathwork and meditation practice. I have an anxious nature, still I could do it. I want to help you do the same.
If I did it anyone can.

Ready for your next level?