Claudia came to see me because her stress levels were high, teetering on the edge of burnout. With the intense fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety, she was particularly worried about a dramatic drop in her libido over the past few months. Not only had she experienced a decrease in sexual desire, but also in sexual satisfaction. She felt disconnected and frustrated.

Claudia is not alone; low libido is a common issue among high-achieving women under significant pressure who struggle to maintain their resilience daily.
It’s simple, chronic stress leads to high cortisol levels, and this can disrupt the balance of sex hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, which are crucial for maintaining a healthy libido. Prolonged stress can also lead to adrenal fatigue, where the adrenal glands are overworked and produce less of the hormones needed for energy and sexual desire. All this affects energy levels.

In the case of Claudia she was walking into stage four of burnout, suffering from physical and emotional fatigue, that had turned into high anxiety and mild depression, both of which can diminish sexual desire.
All of this was affecting her self-esteem, making her feel less attractive and  less sexy.
It wasn’t only low libido, Claudia was being incapable of creating intimate moments with her partner. She felt detached and frustrated most of the time. And that was creating problems in their communication.
She was catching colds more often than usual and feeling body tension, specially at night. And she was frustrated because no matter how much money she was making, how big and comfy her house was, she wasn’t being able to enjoy any of it.

Fortunately there are protocols that helped take care of Claudia’s situation. Over four months, we worked together to downregulate her stress levels using breathing techniques and increasing her energy levels. We reframed her mindset around stress, worked on emotional loops, and she rediscovered her libido, enjoying her desires and falling in love again with her partner and her life. She learned to set boundaries and detect when she was crossing the thin line between enthusiasm and anxiety.
This transformation of course impacted her professional life (since everything is connected), boosting her confidence, empathy and projection as a leader. Her beginning of burnout ended up becoming a path into knowing herself in new ways and knowing how to attend her own needs.

If you feel like going through the same phase than Claudia, I can help you with that. Book a session hereAll the tools are here, ready to help you enjoy the life that you deserve.