Are you ready for the solar eclipse? -the one happening this Monday 8th of April, only fully visible in USA, Canada and Mexico-.

In case you don’t know what a solar eclipse is, it’s when the moon passes between Earth and sun, temporarily blocking the sun’s light and casting a shadow on Earth. 

Does it have an impact on us?

I believe that it does, whether you see it or not. Especially because the sun is our main source of energy. And anything related to it, impacts us in some way or another. And also let’s remember that the moon’s gravitational pull is responsible for Earth’s current length of day, stable seasons, and tides. So when they align in special ways, I do believe it impacts our energy and consciousness.

I also know that any event followed by a massive community of people, generates a focal point of attention and energy that we can all use to propel ourselves to new states of consciousness, or new ways of perceiving reality.

Eclipses are known in ancient cultures to help cultivate silence, inner silence of the mind. In my experience it’s like the pause we do after the exhalation. It creates a meditative state.

So 3 things I recommend to prepare for it?

  1. Breathe consciously. You can start by calming the mind through slow long exhalation, calming the nervous system so the heart energy can slowly relax and open. Slowing the breath will create a shift of consciousness, from survival mode, to open restorative mode. Bringing our attention back to us will bring our energy back to us. Important, we need that energy to create change.
  2. Clarity. Tonight we did a little ritual with my mom and we both wrote our intentions for this shift of consciousness. I recommend this to set the mood, set the intention of the state of consciousness you want to move into. States of consciousness have a feeling, a mood related to it. So for me an eclipse is all about going within, about listening, about opening a portal into new levels of consciousness.

I share here below what I wrote as intentions in case that it can inspire you.

“As the Sun, the Moon and the Earth line up, it’s also a new phase of alignment and integration for my body, mind, emotions and energy. They are in total harmony with my sense of purpose.
I sit in my truth and I share it from the heart. I sit in my abundance and I open to all that is good, kind, filled with love, laughter and beauty. I sit on prosperity in the form of money, resources, unexpected support, community and collaborations.
I understand with all my being that the universe loves me and supports me, works with me, brings me all that is kind, and beautiful, all that allows me to express my purpose.

I compress time, and everything happens in record time. I compress time and what would take many lives, many years, many months, takes only days and hours.
I am open to the new, to the multidimensional.
I am open to endless unconditional love.
I activate the light of the divine subtle consciousness in me and in the words I speak.
I am open to follow the cosmic consciousness, creator of worlds, and allow it to take me in its expansion.
I open my heart and connect it with my expression center and I can speak without fear all that I am, subtle consciousness and human experience, and all that I dream.
The wisdom that I have is not only mine, it belongs to everyone and I share it endlessly, from the heart in magical con-creations.
My breath is the bridge in between the micro cosmos that I am and the macrocosmos that I am part of. My breath is the beginning and the end of my human experience and the hub of my consciousness. My breath is my expansion vessel. It amplifies the power of my heart and energy. It contains the energy that creates worlds. I connect consciously with it and help others to use it to thrive.”

3- Give yourself and others a lot of patience and love. In every way you can, kindness is the call.

And if you are a woman, remember that we have on April 14th from 6pm to 8pm the Women’s Breathing Leap (our new meeting the second Sunday of the month). We will be going deeper using the energy of the eclipse that tends to last a few days after the alignment. You can register here.