What is the difference between having a conventional coach and having a breathwork coach?

Of course it will depend on the coach…but basically conventional coaching works by engaging the mind with questions. Questions that we ask you to help you find clarity in whatever your goal is. Guided by a skilled coach, your own answers bring you clarity, help you create a plan and help you implement it. The coach helps you reach a new perspective by asking the right questions at the right time. The coach also cheers you up at the right moment and keeps you accountable, pushing you when you need to get out of your comfort zone. It brings you from the detailed action to the general picture and vice versa as much as needed. So you can take action by always having the big picture there. It generates a transformative dynamic through an exchange that has talking as its main vector of communication. Conventional coaching well practiced is efficient and can really propel you into your next level with flow and even fun -depending on the coach-.

The breathwork or breathing coach in the way I practice it (I combine it with life coaching), usually does all of what I mentioned before, but is also aware of the way that you breathe, understanding that to generate change, using the mind alone is far harder than engaging your whole system.

The breath is the pillar of our biology. So when you breathe in specific ways you can change your mental, emotional and energetic state.

You can change your physiology of high stress into downregulation, or upregulate your system when feeling down; and keep your levels of stress on track so you are active enough to get things done with high levels of performance, but knowing how to restore your body when needed. So in my experience change happens way faster when engaging the breath in specific ways.


The Breathwork coach understands that there is much more than the mind stopping you from growing into your next level. There is your chemistry, a precise cocktail of hormones, that you have been creating in your body in loop for years, that needs to change if you want to uplevel. There is your energy, that if it’s low you don’t have clarity of mind or capacity to implement. Because the energy that you have is sustaining your current life; for change to happen you need extra energy. The breath is very efficient giving you that. All of it has an impact on how you treat and see yourself; on your identity as a person, as a leader, and how you relate to others, the quality of your relationships, at home in private and professionally.

Working with the breath you go to the core of the mental, emotional, physical and energetic systems. It impacts every area of your life positively. It brings certain spark back into your life in a very real way. Of course, again, it depends on the coach.

If you are feeling that a breathwork coach is what you are needing, book a session with here. I am happy have a clarity session to see what you are needing and if we are a good match. 

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