When I started practicing meditation and breathing techniques 32 years ago, I had to hide in the bathroom so my family wouldn’t panic and think that I was in a sect. Anything that included sitting on the floor, closing your eyes and not having your attention engaged outside implied “sect” weirdness.

I was taught the basics of yoga (asanas, breathing and meditation) by monks that came from India to my birth city of Caracas. I used to help them with their daily tasks and in return they shared their knowledge with me. I spend 6 years of my life in this “training”.  I hid the first 3 years in the bathroom. Until my mom had a sort of a burnout (it wasn’t called like that at the time) and I started sharing with her how to breathe and meditate, and then introduced her to the monks that initiated her in more impactful practices. That truly helped her until today. 

I am delighted to see how much our perspective around these practices has changed since I started. To read invites about yoga classes, breathwork, meditation all around internet, and off line in my street, at the bakery, all around. It’s a sign that something is really shifting in the mindset and awareness. And that we have reached a point of no return in incorporating this powerful ancient knowledge into our lives.

Science fortunately, is catching up too. Daily, I read research proving the positive impact that many of the techniques have on our nervous system, our mind, emotions, levels of energy, concentration, etc.

As part of this yogic perspective I actually never think that crisis are a problem. They are a sign that we are ready for a next level in evolution in our little individual perspective or as a society. A next level in exploring new parts of us that we haven’t yet fully understood. Crisis hook our attention and obliged us to cross into a next level -or die.

The burnout crisis is part of this evolution. We are being called to explore new ways of seeing ourselves as individuals and as communities. We are being called to tap into new brain qualities, into new soul qualities, or better said, into new energetic qualities. And yes, ancient tools are more relevant than ever. Not only to regenerate, but to help our consciousness expand into new levels of what we can become as humans.

If you are exhausted, overworked, addicted to internet and who knows what else, and feeling depleted, it’s time to tap into your inner resources. That’s the call. Is not about working less. Is not about changing your whole system. Is about using your inner resources, these ancient inner tools that nature gave us, and refine and expand into new levels.

The great thing is that we don’t need to hide in the bathroom to do this. We can do it in the companies, as a team, in our families, all together. The world is truly changing and I see very exciting times ahead. Are you taking the train?

If you want to learn about these powerful techniques for you or your company don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s turn your crisis into an evolutionary opportunity.

Don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s turn your crisis into an evolutionary opportunity.