Breathwork for Resilience

Corporate Program

How can I help your company?

We can all agree that mentally and physically healthy employees are more productive and motivated. Promoting workplace health management has a direct impact on the performance, culture, and image of your company. It is becoming more important for companies to find effective ways to respond to an increasing number of sick days, burnout cases and dissatisfied employees. Not only do companies want to react to manage these symptoms but they are looking to play an active role in preventing these symptoms and promoting a healthier and more productive work environment for their employees.

Also, since “working from home” has been adapted by many companies as common work model – it has created new habits that are making harder to focus, divide work and free time and take the proper moment to recover from fatigue.

These among other factors led to the question: how to actively promote healthy, more satisfied, more resilient and performant employees?

That’s what the Breathing for Resilience Corporate Program is all about.

Through breathing technology our program trains your staff to work on a state of high concentration, motivation and with a sense of ease. This proven protocol starts by reducing physical, emotional, and mental tensions, – stopping chronic stress on track- and increasing physical, mental, and emotional resilience.

Breathing is the primal pillar of our biology, and if we can improve that pillar, everything that depends on it improves.

Why is our breathing program a game changer and proven strategy to effectively reduce stress and increase resilience?

The way you breathe impacts your body, mind, emotions, and levels of energy. It directly influences your health, especially in times of covid19. It determines how calm and clear your mind is, how long you might live and how emotionally happy and fulfilled you can feel. All science proven. And not only that, breathing also helps to regulate your blood pressure, hormonal changes, sleeping patterns, digestive process, and it influences how well you communicate with others and how lonely or appreciated you perceive yourself to be.

Breathing can avoid a nasty burnout or cause one. It can determine how fast you rebound during a crisis increasing your resilience and it prepares the brain to perceive new possibilities, make less mistakes when making decisions and have the energy and focus to act with determination on those decisions.

Who is this program for?

In the Breathwork for Resilience Corporate Program we offer companies time effective tools to increase the physical and mental resilience of their teams, and get them energized and focused, through breathing and mindfulness technology. Our protocols that are a combination of ancient breathing techniques adapted to modern life and backed up by neuroscience, help to balance the nervous system so you can navigate critical situations, enhance morale and build team mindset, especially in moments of peak stress and uncertainty like the one we are experiencing now.

This program is for your company if…

  • You are looking to actively promote the health, performance and well-being of employees.

  • You are implementing hybrid home office and in-office dynamic and are needing to compensate and adjust the negative stress and team work issues that the new system is causing.

  • Your firm went through a restructuration, or a merge and your teams have not found their new working rhythm, with new tasks, more work and still huge uncertainty on the air about future changes.

What results can your company expect?


  • Reduce stress levels and

    anxiety at work

  • Become more effective & start succeeding under pressure

  • Increase energy and decrease fatigue

  • Gain highly effective stress management techniques to cope with stress at work

  • Improve communication between team members

  • Improve memory and concentration

  • Strengthen immune system

  • Balance blood pressure

  • Encourage better sleeping habits

  • Reduce back pain and digestive problems


“I was constantly feeling anxious, specially before speaking in team meetings. I couldn't sleep the night before a meeting or before a conference. I could pull off the meeting and pretend to be confident of course, but I really didn't enjoy it. More like a nightmare situation. These breathing sequences and mindset work have helped me to calm down and prepare for any speaking situation. It's incredible what you can do by controlling your breath and changing your thoughts.”

—R.T, Team Manager

How does it work ?


The courses are live online and have a duration of at least half an hour plus ten minutes for questions. Because they are facilitated through internet we have the possibility to offer them all around the world.


The core of the course is very practical with exercises that bring mental awareness but also integrate the knowledge at a body level. All of them easy to implement in daily life.


The courses include short lectures on stress regulation, breathing and its impact on the physiology, mindset and emotional well-being.


All the courses can be facilitated in English, Spanish or French.


The lectures can include visual aids and handouts to better illustrate some descriptions.


After the course participants receive recorded exercises and material to continue their practice in the their daily life.

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for the simplicity, and effectiveness of the instructions provided by Rakel in every session. I find this breath practice really life-enhancing on various levels, and I’m looking forward to the next encounter.”

— Daniela Asuaje, English Teacher

Where to start?

We offer 8 core courses with an average 30 minutes duration each, designed to help your employees correct the most basic breathing mistakes, that will allow them to reduce burnout risk, increase focus, resilience, calm their mind, balance emotions, feel uplifted, revitalized, more performant, healthier and creative.

All our courses are easy to implement in the daily life and give participants a new mindset around stress and major skills that will have impact for life.

We suggest starting by Course 1 to assert where your employees are at, and learn the breathing basics. After that you can fallow through with the course that is pertinent to your team’s needs.

Prices will change depending on the number of participants and courses that you book. For details contact us now.

These are our courses…


▷ The 5 mistakes that most highly stressed people make when they breathe, and how   these negative habits reduce their level of performance, focus, confidence, weakens their immune and nervous system and drains their vitality. 

▷ Are you or your team making them? Let’s check and correct. 

▷ Getting your breathing on track for a productive and fulfilling daily work dynamic.


▷ Using the breath to break the cycle of chronic stress and avoid burnout even in highly demanding situations. 

▷ Breathing sequence to practice to clear your mind when feeling overwhelmed with work pressure. 

▷ Truth about breathing and stress that I wish I had known when I was working as a journalist in Gaza Strip. 

▷ Using progressive muscle relaxation to become aware of your precise tension points in the body and learn to release them. 


▷How the way you breathe impacts how exhausted or vital you are at the end of the day.

▷The step by step breathing sequence to increase vitality and feel refreshed and energized on the go. 


▷How does the way that you breathe has a direct impact on the quality of your decision-making and your mindset. How to use it in your favour.

▷Regulating your breathing pattern to go from victim, survival mode, frustrated and feeling a failure to a creative mindset for success.  



▷How to practice mindful meditation to calm the mind and increase concentration even if you think you are “not ready” or not “good at it”

▷The downside of meditation and how to do it differently. 


▷How to use your breathing system to bounce back after a shocking or unexpected work decision. 

▷How to combine breathing and mindset to cope with rejection when you don’t get what you expected in your company. And transform the situation into an opportunity. 

▷Why the crisis you are in could surprisingly be the best thing that happened to you in a long time, and how breathing can help you see it and use it in your favor.


▷The way you breathe creates a precise dynamic in your nervous system. Be perceived as a leader by breathing like a leader. 

▷Connection vs solving it all by your own, and how breathing helps with the team dynamic. 

▷ Overuse of the mind for problem solving vs new leadership paradigm.


▷Enhance positive leadership in your company to increase performance and reduce burnout risks. 

▷Increase flow in the dynamic of your teams for better communication and a healthier work atmosphere. 

"I feel so much more relaxed since I did these sessions with Rakel. Her techniques are so simple and easy to implement. I usually do them in the morning, and also in the car after parking when getting home, and it helps with the transition from office mode, to mother mode. I am such a workaholic...but this classes have really helped."

— Susan Smith, Accountant.

To join the courses your teams only require...

  • Computer with good and secured internet connection.

  • Headphones.

"I was at the border of a burnout. I was having panic attacks and a lot of smoking to compensate. The Optimal breathing technique made such a difference. I am sleeping better and I know how to stop the panic on track. This classes are a must for anyone working under full pressure."

S.M. Journalist

Make health promotion through breathing technology a success strategy in your company.

What People Are Saying

"Incredible how something so common like breathing can be done in so many ways and produce so many different reactions in the body and mind. We should learn this stuff at school. It has helped me keep my stress on track and so much more."

— S.F, Chief Operations

“My body is SO much more in flow since my session with Rakel. Usually I start fighting with it as soon as I wake up in the morning, but I noticed right away that I can breathe much better and that my energy is flowing in a way that I have never experienced. I am so grateful!”

— J.B, Life Coach

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