Happy Autumn! – Happy Spring!-

I hope you are doing great! Even if you are not getting what you wanted. That’s the trick to happiness. Being at peace even if we don’t get what we expected.  I’m not talking about being passive and not feeling the urge to move forward in our creation, or not pushing through a project to make it happen. I’m talking about what happens when after pushing through you are not in the place you thought this project was going to take you. …Or after “investing” time and energy in a relationship, things don’t work out and end up in a painful breakup. …Or when you don’t have the financial stability and status you wanted at the age you were suppose to. … Or when someone got the dream job you were fighting for.

When we don’t get our way we humans tend to throw big tantrums, we get depressed, frustrated, sad, angry, hurt, paralysed, we declare wars! It has become part of our creative process to shake and feel victim to something or someone when things don’t go the way we expected.

I’m not talking about who is right or wrong, or how justified our reaction is in the face of all these examples. I’m talking about our options and our freedom to decide who we become when things don’t unfold as we expected.

Matt Khan formulated the question in a simple way: who do I become when I don’t get my way?

For me this is one of the most useful questions I have heard recently concerning human evolution. First because it recognises the fact that we are not just one thing finished and static, but we are constantly becoming. Also because it implies that we have a choice on what we become. And I like to have the choice.

So… I invite you to explore this question during my next breathing session that will take place on Sunday October 4th, from 5pm to 7pm at YogaZentrum in Schöneberg. 

In the first part of the session we are going to observe how this question relates to everyone of us. We are going to set new reference to help navigate those moments where we don’t get our way. These moments are usually the origin of a deep disconnection with ourselves and others, and usually end up in enormous negative stress. So addressing this will place us in another level of awareness, it will expand our possibilities, it will give us more freedom to act from a new point of perception.

In the second part of the session we will be using the Pranayama Breath Work to re-connect with our essence, open the heart centre and re-align with it. It’s all about going back to self care and self love.

Are you up for it? 

I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Signature Rakel