I often take advantage of the Halloween scary mood to check on my fears. What is it that is paralysing me at this very moment in my work, my love life, my finance, my health, my family, any area that may be tasting a bit bitter at the moment?

This year I have already written my list of fears:

-Fear to be sick in a way that disables me to work.

-Fear to not have enough money to sustain myself and my daughter.

-Fear to have my daughter kidnapped.

-Fear to not learn German properly. Ever. And its implications living in Berlin as I do.

Fears are totally irrational. They are seeds of thoughts that are planted in our brain and start to grow and flourish, nourished by our imagination.

When pregnant with my daughter Lucia I learned an exercise that helped me acknowledge my fears and transform them. It’s in my Pregnancy Program Blooming Together. It’s quite simple. I do it often on Halloween, since it is a very symbolic day, but it can be done whenever you feel like.

Research has proven that the gesture of writing your fears and burning or throwing the paper away reduces the power that those fears have on you.

I invite you to turn your fears into compost. This exercise is quite effective, only if you practice it of course. If you read it only it won’t have much effect.

 ● Write a list of all the things that are worrying you in any area of your life. Even if they sound trivial or crazy. For example: “I’m terrified about not finding a job”, “I am scared of being alone for the rest of my life”, “I’m scared of loosing my child or loosing my partner”, and so on. In this way you are bringing them up, putting light on them.

● Take several deep breathes expanding the belly when you inhale and contracting and letting all the air out when you exhale.

● Separate each phrase cutting the paper with each fear in a different piece of paper.

●Burn each piece of paper, releasing the fear into the flames. (If you don’t have experience burning paper better if you do it in the bath room or the kitchen sink or metal pot). Remember that FIRE is a very strong element, treat it with respect and care and it will help you with the transformation.

●Take the ashes (that are one of the best compost for plants) and mix them with the soil of your favourite plant.

Breathe five times and state your intention to open to all the new marvellous things coming your way. You can end up with a good inspiring piece of music to bring the mood to the top!

Now that you have taken care of your ghosts, go and claim your candies. You totally have created the space for a treat.