Did you know that in the breathing domain women and men are different due to their hormonal system?

Studies show that during days 10 to day 22 of the monthly menstrual cycle (this is post ovulation during the luteal phase), there is an increase of progesterone. This increase in progesterone works as an stimulant: the breathing rhythm can accelerate and become faster. Specially in women that have a poor underline breathing pattern. In this case, the carbon dioxide levels can drop 25% during this time. This means that pain treshold is reduced. This actually increases pain perception, and it contributes to anxiety, to fatigue and panic. And also symptoms of PMS very much influenced by breathing.

This information is not new. It has been written about since 1915, but at the time, because of the place of women in society it didn’t seem relevant.⁠
⁠The biochemistry of women’s breath has to be improved! For that the first step is to track your breathing pattern during your monthly cycle and see how does your breathing rate change.⁠
⁠This info is essential also for when you are going through any transition when your biochemistry tends to change because of the hormones of stress. ⁠

Breathing is the key that can make a real difference.⁠

Remember there is the Women’s Breathing Hub online, the last Sunday of every month. I will be sharing a technique to track your breathing rate and slow it down already there, so be sure to join.