Rebecca arrived quite nervous to my office. She came to check what was wrong with her, because even though she was very successful in her career at a bank, she was feeling deeply lonely, at the border of a depression. 

“At 35 I still don’t have a partner, and that is making me feel small;  all my friends are in a relationship; two of them even have a baby already. I’m successful at work, but really, I’m feeling so empty and such a failure”, she said, breaking into tears. 

She added that she had tried therapy for 3 years, then a relationship coach, and even though she had learned a lot about herself and the dating world with them,  she felt something was stuck in her, and she was exhausted. She just didn’t manage to find the right partner. 

I started by checking her way of breathing, as I do in first appointments. Correcting her posture and teaching her how to deeply relax. 

The work on matching with your right partner -as anything in life- has a lot of intuitive aspects. Is about knowing your energy. Is about being connected with your heart and intuition, and trusting it enough to act on it. When you are tense and stressed it is hard to listen to your intuition, the voice of your fear and past experiences are louder and hard to override. 

So with Rebecca we started our work by learning basic relaxation techniques. In parallel we used breathwork to move Rebecca’s energy from those stuck patterns from childhood that were creating habits of thoughts that were making her feel small, not confident and not lovable. As soon as we started using the breath combined with some mindset exercises and clarity journaling, she started having huge breakthroughs. Instead of fearing her weekends now she was enjoying them because she was simply loving herself at a whole new level. 

Three months into the process Rebecca found her ideal partner. She has been with him for 4 years now. True love. And while I am writing these lines, a baby is on the way. My heart is full, she is over the moon.  

Little confession…Rebecca’s process wasn’t really about finding a partner, but more about increasing her levels of energy and awareness, of self love, of clarity, of confidence and raising her energetic standards.

During our work together she also got a new job, better paid and where she is more respected, and she has a much healthier relationship with her family.  

My clients’ stories are so full of life and power. Their crisis always turns into growth and expansion at all levels. Because crisis is just the body, your energy looking for new ways to express. The more you resist change the more pain you will feel. And the breath breaks through the mind’s resistance. 

I haven’t found something more powerful than breathwork to transform emotional patterns and grow into a new way of living. The breath never fails us. 100% success rate so far. 

If you are feeling ready, come and join us here. We are making things happen.  Book a session, let’s talk and see how we can work together and upgrade your life. You deserve that expansion that you are so much longing for. Life is too short to be stopped by fear. See you soon.