If you suffer from anxiety, specially certain days where you are overworked, solving a crisis at work and your kids needing attention, anxiety can be a thing. Or if you don’t have kids yet and you are feeling stressed by the biological clock, ticking and ticking… well this breath I am about to share with you can come handy. 

I actually just came a cross a new research lead by Professor Jack Feldman at UCLA, about a breathing technique that eliminates anxiety on the spot. I call it the Sighing Breath -the authors don’t have yet a name for it-. It’s even more efficient to reduce high levels of anxiety than the Optimal Breathing.

I have been trying it with a few clients and the results are quiet something. I did a Youtube video to share it with you. Can you try it an let me know how it goes?

I am astonished with the power of sighing. We sigh in between 1 to 5 minutes interval. If we don’t we can die from it poisoned by our own carbon dioxide. Do try it and let me know how it goes. Looking forward to your comments.

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