The pandemic has been adding so many layers of stress to our already highly stressed human existence. Covid19 itself and love-ones getting it. And then…Vaccination discussions, financial ups and downs, homeschooling, daily corona tests, waring masks in any public indoor place. The list is long.

More than ever having tools to regulate my stress levels, my thoughts and emotions have been useful. Because stress is sneaky…it starts like a small agitation, like a anxious thought, that you repeat and repeat until it has created a wave of different reactions in the body and ends up sticking around more than it should. And then is our standard state. We learn to live stressed. 

Dangerous place to be. Why? Statistic show how heart problems -produced by stress- is the first cause of death in the world since 20 years, and the tendency is only growing (data of the World Health Organization). 

How can we change our relationship with stress and learn to prevent it and manage it. How do we become more resilient?

Awareness is the kew word. Awareness on how stress expresses in you is essential to make any change.

 Check right now:

▶︎ Physically: what parts of your body are more tense, levels of fatigue, how are you sleeping, any other physical stress symptom?

▶︎ Mentally: What thoughts do you keep repeating everyday, “this is so hard”, “I am so tired, I work too much”, “I am so stressed”, “I am so old”, “I can’t do this”, etc What thoughts are triggering your stress?

▶︎ Emotionally: What emotion are you feeling the most that is draining your energy or stressing you the most? Frustration, fear, anxiety, anger, sadness…

The first thing I recommend to my most stressed clients is to check how stress manifests in them daily. How does stress feels for them. Observing the patterns is fundamental for finding an efficient solution. 

If you want to go a little further, as soon as  you acknowledge how stress feels in you make sure to also just after, relax the belly area, take a breath and be in the present moment taking in what you noticed. Taking care of that part of you that is needing extra attention.

Little by little you start realizing that the simple awareness starts transforming the dynamic and you become more resilient. Because you stop being a victim of your stressor and start seeing how the whole dynamic functions, and regain power; it gives you more control. You can prevent stress before it comes, and you can feel less stressed and more grounded when you are under a stress trigger. Less worried, less in survival and more in creative mode. And that’s when you start thinking out of the box and perceiving new possibilities.

If you are going through a heavy transition and you are needing support with your levels of stress and with seeing new possibilities and making them happen, contact me. I have a spot opened for my private 3 month coaching cycle Renew Within. Let’s jump on a call. If it’s stress related, I can certainly help you. You deserve a happy life. I mean it. You know it. Looking forward to setting the system in place that will get you there.