Happy New Year!

I hope you are starting the year full of energy and enthusiasm.

I’ve prepared a very special visualisation that I often use to boost my confidence, on those days where it may be a bit low. When I’m doubting myself and feeling that I’m not good enough for this or that.

When I was first introduced to this technique I was quite sceptical…The thing is that I’ve never liked techniques that include visualising shinny lights or that sort of thing. I found them new-agey and too much like wishful thinking. But when I did this one, it had a strong effect on me, even if its very simple.

So I decided to share it with you so you can also benefit from it. I call it the Confidence Booster and use it for exactly that, to boost my confidence. The visualisation itself has also helped me to develop focus and the capacity to imagine myself in the most uplifting situations.

The visualisation focuses on the heart centre. The heart is the organ that produces the largest amount of electromagnetic waves in the body – 60 times more than the brain. Its waves radiate outwards up to 3 meters around us. So we are broadcasting our heart waves constantly.

This technique helps you to acknowledge this impact of the heart and use it to really become aware of its power.

Go for it.. Use it as much as you want. And remember that you have to practice it for it to have an effect on you.

Do let me know how it goes in the comments below. I love receiving your feedback and having these important conversations with you.

Have a great start to the year.

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