So you took the opportunity and here we  are in our first appointment. I ask you:

-How can I help you?

-You explain… you tell a story, your story; or at least the part of it that you have retained and repeated the most. The story you identify with. The story that you have built your identity around. Is not all of you, but your mind has made you feel that that story defines you.

I know there is potential for so much more. That is what moves my work.

I listen carefully to every word that you say. Every word has energy. I perceive your body position, your energy. What creates a knot in your throat, what thought makes you cry or smile. 

15 minutes into the conversation I know whats going on, because energy moves in very specific ways. And once you see the world through its patterns is very easy to know whats going on in a situation and what to do to adjust, transform, or produce change. 

Some people need more talking than others. I let it be. I give you time to express, to be heard and to organize your thoughts and emotions. I ask questions, make observations, all just to hook your attention so when you breathe in the second part of the session all those things we have discussed can be worked by the breath. 

Then I take a moment to check your breathing patterns and correct them, so you can find your center in your daily life and learn to transform your stress levels on the go. So you can recharge your body, calm your nervous system and restore any part of your system when you need to. This is essential. You learn how to breathe like the person that you want to become in your next cycle. 

Then you set a goal for our cycle together. Something you want to achieve. I know that the goal is just a hook for the attention. The goal is just the door that gives you access to a new level of awareness and consciousness. A new perception of the world. You will achieve it of course, but so much more will happen in the process.

After that we do some breathwork. Strong breathing technique that will activate your pineal gland, make your hypothalamus vibrate and release happy hormones. I use essential oils, music, singing bowls, all the tools to bring harmony in your energy system.

It will massively move all the energy in your body. The one that got stuck in the past, the one that is blocked because of your habits. We get it moving, flowing, transforming. 

That’s the energy you will use in your next creation. It becomes excitement, it becomes whatever you are ready to expand into. 


You breathe, and connect with the energy that creates worlds. That energy that is sustaining the stars in the cosmos, and that is sustaining us here on Earth too.

That energy is your team mate. In each session you make it grow in you. You trust it more. You understand that is part of you. That there is no separation. 

You let that energy breathe you. 

With a new mindset and refreshed energy you go out into the world to create your new life. That will have another feeling because now you have a new flow of energy and a new way of seeing life. 

Magic starts to happen. Is not really magic, is our work together adjusting mindset, re-programing the brain, moving and transforming your energy patterns. Teaming up with the energy that creates worlds.

Every time the results are quite spectacular. -People find their love partner, they get pregnant, they have a breakthrough in their work, they find the right apartment to move in, they recover from a depression or from a physical illness; they find sense of purpose, they fall in love with life and with themselves.-  We celebrate.

The transformations make you know more about your real potential and how to use it for  the rest of your life. So yes, these tools are for life. They create conscious evolution, they make this world a better place to live in. They really touch my heart and the heart of every person that uses them.  

Are you ready? Let’s meet.