After a crazy year of home-schooling because of corona, having lost a few loved ones,  and having to cancel a few planned events in my work, I felt the need to really shine a light on what my year has been like, so I don’t let it end with a bitter, blurry feeling that things didn’t go as I had planned.
So here are the 5 questions which I answered that can help you to organize and clarify your past year, and get you in the right place for 2021.
The best thing is to journal with them, but you can also answer them out loud exchanging with a friend.
You can answer each question going through each area of your life, or just focus more on the question that resonates with you and that helps you gain clarity. Be flexible and kind with yourself.
Before you start, take ten big breaths, expanding the belly when you inhale and pulling it in when you exhale, inviting the energy that creates worlds to become more present and hold space for you during this exercise.
So here we go…
  • Let’s start with the celebration: What things have you done this year that you are proud of? Especially considering corona-times. Make a list. Take a big breath after each one of them as a way of celebrating.
  • What things didn’t you manage to achieve and why? What mistakes did you make, and what did those mistakes teach you? How can you do better next time?
  • What are you willing to let go concerning engagements, projects, to-do lists, and even people, that feel heavy and not aligned with you. It can also be things that you have been wanting to do for a while but that are not happening and that you need to consciously drop. Things that are not aligned with the person that you want to become.
  • What emotions do you want to transform? Resentments, anger, frustrations, guilt, embarrassments, sadness, fear… Set the intention for that transformation and use breathwork to make it happen.
  • What stories and beliefs that serve you as an excuse not to achieve your goals do you want to let go of? Write the stories – “I am not good at making money because XXX”, “I am too old to XXX”, “I come from a family that XXX that’s why I can’t XXX”. It’s time to drop these stories and create new ones. Write new phrases and stories to replace the old ones. 
After finishing you can do my 7-minute breathwork session to work on any emotions that might still be blocked.
And if you want to go further in this work, I do have two new spots in my Renew Within 3 month program. This is for women that are ready to move to their next level in life. For women that are tired of feeling blocked and need a big push of energy, and a personalized mentorship to create the life they want.
You set a goal with purpose and together we meet every week, online or in person, to create the plan and raise the energy for you to achieve it. It’s about growing into a much more confident and fulfilled version of you. For more details on this program you can write to me here and I will send you all the info.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Have a lovely end of the year.