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The second Sunday of every month from 6pm to 7:30pm CET.

The Women’s Breathing Hub brings together a fantastic community of leaders, that breathe, connect, and turn ongoing crisis into opportunities for inner growth. The sessions are a space to recover from fatigue, revise  our inner goals and the inner dialogue or beliefs that are stopping us from flourishing. We work through it with mindset tools and using ancient breathing techniques combined with modern science. We hold space for ourselves and each other. Let’s create the quality of life that we want from within. Are you in?

I haven’t found something more effective than breathwork…


Breathing optimally has saved my life so many times. I couldn’t have survived emotionally and mentally working as a journalist in conflict zones, covering bomb attacks or child trafficking if it wasn’t for my breathing training managing energy and mindset skills. At a personal level I saved my child during a complicated pregnancy, I went through a divorce with certain ease, I rebuilt my professional life from zero, mostly thanks to my increased resilience developed in my breathwork and meditation practice. I have an anxious nature, still I could do it. I want to help you do the same.



In these sessions we will...

  • Use ancient breathing techniques to regulate your hormonal system specially during your pre-menstrual cycle and perimenopause, balancing those crazy mood changes. 
  • Correct your breathing pattern and learn to breathe optimally to prevent daily fatigue and gain lung volume breathing capacity.
  • Learn to deeply relax the body, release physical tensions, recover from exhaustions  and regain your vital energy, so you can feel refreshed and lighter. 
  • Use your breath to work on heavy emotions creating life changing breakthroughs.
  • Help your body produce massive happy chemistry that will naturally bring your inner calm and feeling of connection and self love.
  • Learn breathing and mindset tools to find calm in moments of high picks of anxiety, and increase self-confidence. 
  • Connect, share our challenges and witness each others journeys, celebrate breakthroughs, laugh together, feel alive. 

Your brain and heart will thank you for this.

Breathing is the pillar of our biology, when you breathe optimally all the rest will fall into place. And doing it together amplifies its effects. 

Join the Membership.

  •  Don’t wait to be burnout or in crisis to recharge and nurture your life. Join us!
  • Start a regular monthly online practices, bringing energy and inspiration throughout the whole year.
  •  Connect with a community of women around the world.
  • Join the monthly breathwork session.
  • Revise and change what is draining and sabotaging your success and happiness.
  • Gain free access to my main breathing tools to sustain momentum in between sessions.
  • Receive special offers only for members. 

Once you sign up you will receive your link to access the session(s).

29 euros + VAT – cancel after three months whenever you want. 

 Join the session and have access to my library of tools.

Join one session for 45 euros + VAT 

To join the session you only require...

  • Computer with good internet connection. 
  • Loudspeaker or wireless headphones.
  • A space to be in silence. Not interrupted by anyone. 
  • Yoga mat and blanket and warm clothes. 
  • An opened mind and heart.

About Rakel

Rakel Sosa  is a Certified Stress Resilience coach from the German AHAB academy. She helps her clients navigate difficult transitions like separations, work and life crisis, burnout, working with the breath in private, groups and company settings. She is also a certified Breathwork instructor, a Life Coach, and with more than 30 years of meditation practice has received initiations and 1500hrs certification in Yoga -Pranayama by the Rajadhiraja yoga tradition. She is the co-author of the pregnancy relaxation program Blooming Together, collaborates in publications like Huffington Post. Rakel knows stress from both sides:  she worked as a journalist at Radio France International for more than 10 years covering conflict zones, and critical political and social subjects. She was voted the head of a union for 5 years, experience that makes her a high caliber mentor in the dynamics of communication, negotiation and leadership in a corporate setting. Rakel holds a master’s degree in Communication from La Sorbonne University and a degree in documentary filmmaking from UCLA. She lives with her 14 years old daughter in Berlin. Since 2009 she is passionately focused on promoting inner growth and sustainable wellbeing.

Every conscious breath you take,
frees energy for your dreams.

Gift Certificate...

Offer a friend the gift of learning how to breathe in a fulfilling way. It's for life. The magic wand to influence her body, mind and emotions.

She will thank you for ever. 

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