Welcome Women’s Breathing Leap

Welcome to the Women's Breathing Leap Membership!

The next session is on June 16th 2024 from 6pm to 8pm Berlin time. 

The link to access the session is below. 

Next session is in :


✓ Feel free to write to me to breathing@rakelsosa.com with  any specific topic that you want me to work on or address during the session. 

For the session you will need:

✓ Computer, good internet connection, and a webcam, loadspeakers and a mic – in a silent room where you can be alone.

✓ A place to comfortably lay down (on a yoga mat is fine).

✓ Have a blanket handy in case you feel cold during the session.

✓ An eye pillow or something to cover your eyes.

✓ Comfortable clothes.

The session will start at 18h  – 20h CET.  I strongly advice you a few minutes before so we can set up all the technical details.

Link to access the session:

Rakel Sosa is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Women’s Breathing Hub ONLINE

Time:  18:00 – 20h Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
Join Zoom Meeting clicking the link below:


Passcode: Breathe

Looking forward to breathing and creating community together. 



The Breathing App is coming up soon!

All the activities of the Women’s Breathing Leap will go through the App. As soon as it’s approved I will let you know so you can download it for free and have access to all your goodies.