Join The Break Breathing Hub

April 18th at 19h CET – 1 hour.

An online breathwork session to reenergize, reconnect and boost confidence in the middle of the intensity of entrepreneurship.  

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Hi, I'm Rakel, a Breaker from the last cohort!
Breathing optimally has saved my life so many times. I couldn't have survived emotionally and mentally working as a journalist in conflict zones, covering bomb attacks or child trafficking if it wasn't for my breathing training managing energy and mindset skills. At a personal level I saved my child during a complicated pregnancy, I went through a divorce with certain ease, I rebuilt my professional life from zero, mostly thanks to my increased resilience developed in my breathwork and meditation practice. I have an anxious nature, still I could do it. I want to help you do the same.  If I did it anyone can.

 In this session we are going to use the breath:

  • To regulate our emotions so we can feel stable and grounded, especially when things get chaotic
  • To release physical tensions and reenergize our body
  • To transform emotions that are making us doubt ourselves and our work
  • To connect with each other and create a massive wave of energy bigger than what we could ever achieve alone,  (my favourite part too)

About Rakel -fancy bio-

Rakel Sosa  is an ex journalist covering conflict zones, turned into stress resilience and breathing specialist. She is a Breaker and was with an amazing group in Caravaca de la Cruz. Rakel is Certified from the German AHAB academy. She helps her clients navigate difficult transitions like separations, work and life crisis, burnout, working with the breath in private, groups and company settings. She is also a certified Breathwork instructor, a Life Coach, and with more than 30 years of meditation practice has received initiations and 1500hrs certification in Yoga -Pranayama by the Rajadhiraja yoga tradition. She is the co-author of the pregnancy relaxation program Blooming Together, collaborates in publications like Huffington Post.

Rakel worked as a journalist at Radio France International for more than 10 years covering conflict zones, and critical political and social subjects. She was voted the head of a union for 5 years, experience that makes her a high caliber mentor in the dynamics of communication, negotiation and leadership in a corporate setting. Rakel holds a master’s degree in Communication from La Sorbonne University and a degree in documentary filmmaking from UCLA. She lives with her 14 years old daughter in Berlin. Since 2009 she is passionately focused on promoting inner growth and sustainable wellbeing.



To join the session you only require:

  • Computer with good internet connection. 
  • Loudspeaker or wireless headphones.
  • A space to be in silence. Not interrupted by anyone. 
  • Yoga mat and blanket and warm clothes. 
  • An opened mind and heart.

Once you sign up you will receive your link to access the session.