WeLlcome to!

The Break Breathing Hub

Find the link to join the session below...

I'm so glad that you are here!
And looking forward to sharing with you at the session on April 18 at 19h CET
This is the link to access the zoom room


Make sure to arrive a few minutes earlier to get settled


For the session you will need:

✓ Computer or device with good internet connection

 ✓ Loudspeakers -we will be doing a breathwork session together so the better the sound system the better the quality of the sound and of your experience. You can have a mic. Also a webcam if you wish to share your video image (not obligatory), – 

✓ Be sure to place yourself in a silent room where you can be alone.

✓ Have a space ready to comfortably lay down (on a yoga mat is fine).

✓ Have a blanket handy in case you feel cold during the session.

✓ If you want to, have an eye pillow or something to cover your eyes.

✓ Comfortable clothes.

✓ Paper and a pen.

✓ Water bottle handy.

Any question contact: breathing@rakelsosa.com

See you there!