Thank you for becoming part of
Rakel Sosa's Referral Programs.

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I am very happy that you decided to join the Breathwork for Resilience Referral Program.

How does it work?

1) You read the introduction protocol and reach out to me if you have any questions.

2) You go through your contact list and see who could benefit from any of the two programs -at an individual levels Renew Within 1-on-1 Breathwork Mentorship and at a company level the Breathwork for Resilience Corporate Program- .

3) You reach out to your contact to confirm their stress management needs as a company and you introduce the program to them. To have more details on how the program works you can click here -if you haven’t checked yet the introduction protocol-.

4) If your contact person in the company confirms their interest, you connect us through an email and I can book a meeting with them to get to know their needs more precisely and explain the program in more detail.

5) I enter in a process of negociation with the company to establish a) starting day of the program, b) what tools or platforms do they prefer to use to deliver the program (Zoom, or any other internal software), c) how many people would be part of the program and their level and role in the company.

6) We -the company and I- sign a contract and they proceed to do the first payment of the 50% of the total amount before the first session.

7) Within the first 30 days after the company transfers the first payment I will transfer you 10 percent of the first half of the payment. And will proceed to do the same with the second half of the payment once the company proceeds to make the payment. Just as a reminder the fees will only be paid in case that the process ends in a sale’s agreement with the company.

8) Remember that you can also promote Renew Within 1-on-1 and receive 10% of the gain for every person that signs up to the program recommended by you. I will transfer you the full amount of the fee as soon as the person has made the payment. You won’t receive new payments in case that the individual person continues working with me in new programs or new rounds of the same program.

Thank you for joining my quest to bring these game changer breathing tools to the corporate world for sustainable wellbeing and resilience. We are changing the world one breathing session at a time.

Very excited to make this happen!

Rakel Sosa