Your New Cycle Meditation is here!

Download the Intro and the Meditation through the links below.

I'm so glad that you are here. Let's get to nurturing your new cycle!
Keep in mind that this meditations is to be done sitting down, back straight, eyes close.
For more instructions listen to the introduction.

Trully, Don't skip the intro please!
Enjoy the Meditation here...

Some references that can be useful for the mind during the visualization.

Some emotions and adjectives that can help you intend how you want to feel.

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Sometimes one meditation is not enough. Especially when you are needing to make important life changing decisions, or going through big shifts in your life. The rollercoaster can get tricky to navigate alone. Especially the emotions. You need extra clarity, and extra energy. The breath will give you both, when you know how to use it. I can help you with that. 

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