How to start benefiting from
the Breathwork Corporate Program

Where to start...

First step: Let’s meet. You tell me what your employees are needing, I bring a solutions adapted to your needs. 

About the Modules: In the basic package, there are 8 modules. The first module includes 2 sessions of 30 minutes each plus 15 minutes Q&A. All the others include one session of 30 minutes each plus 15 minutes Q&A. Each module is weekly. There is an activity or practice to be implemented in between modules.  The content of the modules is adjusted to the group’s needs. They all include very practical tools to increase resilience levels. 

Participants: The program can be adapted for senior managers, company high leadership teams, or employees. It can work as a mix group pool for a general approach, or as a more tailored program for an specific team and its needs. 

Platform: We normally work through Zoom, but if you have any other preference we can adapt to the protocols of your company concerning e-learning. 

How to proceed: Once you decide that our program is pertinent for your company you inform  the team or groups of employees that are going to benefit from it, we schedule a fix day and time and we sign a contract. 

Payment: We send an invoice and the transfer of the payment is done in two parts: 50% before start, 50% after ending. 

Before the final module is over  we meet again to evaluate the process and decide what’s next depending on the needs.