Sanskrit Chants

The vibration of the soul. –With Gaiea.

September 23 – 25, 2022 – Ming Shan Center

Join us in Ming Shan Centre, for a weekend of sacred chanting and pranayama, to nurture your soul and life.
Gaiea will guide us into the mysteries of Sanskrit chants to open the heart to our divinity. Rakel Sosa will connect us with the mystical power of our breath.

"This is what happens when I sing, there is no difference between me, what is being sung, and the singing itself, it all becomes one and the same. This is why there is only one thing I have to do in this life, and that is sing in Sanskrit."

"Sanskrit is more than a language, it is a set of vibrations that take you to a space beyond all words, beyond all sounds, to a space that is the home of spirit; a place where the heart finds rest; a place that we can really call 'home'. These sounds represent every aspect of creation. Let us place our attention on these sounds, which lend themselves so beautifully to musical expression, and experience their healing capacity."

Pranayama is the door to your inner truth. 

"Your breath will set you free".

Rakel Sosa will connect you with the primal vital force that lives in your breath. Your mind becomes calmer, your heart opens up, your consciousness expands for a mystical experience that takes you back home.

More about Rakel.

Ready for a transcendental sound and breathing experience in an unique place?

Investment for the weekend workshop:  €310

Some practical details...

Schedule: Arrival – Opening Friday at 7pm / Saturday all day / Sunday until lunch.

Meals: The Centre Ming Shan offers the meals for the event at an extra price – to be booked in your event reservation. 

Accomodation: The Centre Ming Shan has offered their rooms to Ukrainian refugees so they are not available. There are many possibilities of lodging in the region of de Bullet – Sainte Croix through this search site Book here

Organization: Maurice Meyer and Rakel Sosa, co-organizers of self-development events in Europe since 2005.

Join us at…

Ming Shan, the first Taoist centre in Europe.

Located 1h30 from Geneva, Switzerland. 

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