Learn breathing tools to better help your clients.

Essential Breathing

Breathwork certification for coaches, therapists, birth & medical workers and caregivers.

Module 1: 13th and 20th of January 2024  – Online 

Learn breathing methods that will regulate your clients nervous system on the spot, enhance their thrive, help them gain perspective and get them in an improved emotional state.

 Some important implications for you?

Your success rate with your clients will increase monumentally.

You will standout in your sector with an impactful tool.

It will add massive value to your offers.

Wouldn’t that make a big difference in your mission, impact and income?

I know it will! Let’s get to it.

"Breathing is an essential pillar of our biology. When you change the way you breathe every part of your physical, mental and emotional structure changes with it".

“It was a deeply enriching immersion. Full of knowledge and references spanning the scientific to traditions. I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking to guide others with tangible tools and a robust system of references.”  

– Catrin Prinzler, Coach

Essential Breathing is a 4-level immersion program that has been carefully curated so you can add breathwork as a fundamental tool in your support protocol to work with your clients. It includes ancient breathing techniques proven by science and easy to apply in modern life.

This is a course for you if...

  • You are a life coach helping people with their health, their life, their business or their relationship.
  • You are a personal trainer, a nurse, a yoga instructor, a birth worker, or if you work with people one on one helping them to improve their lives in any way.
  • You simply have a family member suffering from stress, illness or requiring them to balance their nervous system.
  • You want to be outstanding in your field and want to become an inspiring teacher and professional, to differentiate yourself from the rest with a very special tool, to help people discover a health renewal, vitality, creativity, strength, inner peace, endurance and greater well-being in their everyday life.

"I loved this training, specially the building up from physiology of breathing to energetics. I liked very much the dynamic where we had to teach to each other to integrate the knowledge better in a practical way. Also Rakel teaches with such a positive and enthusiastic way. It was a pleasure.” – Jeannette Petrik, Cultural Producer

Essential Breathing Certification is a condensation of many of the approaches I learned on breathing since I was 18 years old -at the time I was trained during 6 years by a group of Indian monks that went to Venezuela my country, on the art of pranayama, the control of the breath or life force. It also includes knowledge of all the many years I have been learning from doctors that study the anatomy and biology of breathing and how it affects levels of stress on the body and mind. And my learning from master healers that use breathwork as an emotional healing tool and as a key to expanding levels of consciousness.

Ready to upgrade the way you help your clients?

Investment Module 1: 

Invest in the whole Certification:  

Because of the direct impact that breathing has in the body, mind and emotions, it will upgrade the quality of work with your clients and help them obtain very concrete results in as little as one session.

4 Modules

Module 1: Jan.13-.Jan 20 2024 from 9am-3pm 

  • Anatomy and biology of respiration.
  • Downregulating the nervous system with the breath. Calming anxiety, chronic stress and states of high tension with 3 precise breathing techniques.
  • 5 most frequent breathing mistakes. Techniques to assess your clients breathing patterns and how to correct them. 
  • The breath and the yoga system, the base for all that you see today in the breathwork world. 

Module 2: Date to be announced.

  • Breathing techniques to upregulate the nervous system. 
  • How to help your clients with the breath when they suffer from low energy and depressive tendencies.
  • The yoga system approach to low energy and techniques to increase it. 
  • Breathing and how to take care of yourself when you constantly hold space for others. 

Module 3: Date to be announced.

  • Breathing and women’s hormonal system. Yes, we are different. We breathe differently. How to help women to use the breath to navigate the intensity of each cycle of their life.
  • Breathing, children and teenage years .What happens to the brain, what  breathing techniques can help them and how to apply them.

Module 4: Date to be announced.

  • Breathing to anchor attention, developing focus and concentration in times of dispersion.
  • Brain waves, what they are and how to regulate them with the breath
  • Using the breath to program your brain to create the reality that you want. The Reticular Activation System and the breath
  • Mantra meditation.

“This was a great balanced course full of knowledge and love. I would recommend this immersion to get a holistic understanding of the breath and the physiological effects it connects to. The concrete breathing tools and meditation exercise are so easy to implement and make such a difference in my work. Two years later these practices have become an important part in my therapies to help the client manage emotional states and activate their parasympathetic state to manage their stress levels in a better way.”

– Uta Erle, Medical Doctor, Psychotherapist.

What do you get with the Essential Breathing Certification?

  • A video library with all the techniques that are taught  during the sessions, so you can check them and refresh them whenever you need to.
  • Accountability partner to share the process, asure the follow up and practice of the techniques.
  • At the end of each cycle, you will obtain certification in Essential Breathing corresponding Level. At the end of the whole program you will obtain a seal that you will be able to place on your website as a prove of training.
  • Access to Rakel to ask any question you need to in the implementation phase a month after the sessions.
  • All the sessions of the 4 levels will be recorded and the videos will be accesible to the participants for life.
  • After every day of training we will do a breathwork session to work on any emotional blockage or resistence that you might have and you will bring clarity of intention and action through it. 

First we start with you…

Pranayama -the control of your breath- is the door to your inner truth and clarity as a teacher and guide. 

"Your breath will set you free".

In this certification I will help you connect with the primal vital force that lives in your breath. Your mind becomes calmer, your heart opens up, your consciousness expands for a physical, emotional and mystical experience that takes you back home. Then you are -another level ready- to guide your clients.

About the Certification

The Essential Breathing program works in three levels: Anatomy and mechanics of breathing, Emotional and psychological impact of breathing and breathing and energetics based on the yogic tradition.

I understand breathing as a complex process that activates and regulates the human body physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. For the knowledge to really sink in the sessions have been designed very practical. You will practice in pairs with accountability partner. It also includes and requires that you implement the tools in between sessions and bring your findings to the next gathering.

Any question?
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The yogic tradition explored and found essential tools to increase levels of consciousness and profound wellbeing using the regulation of the breath -pranayama-. We are living in times where science is backing up many of their findings. There is an untapped potential for human growth in that knowledge; I want to share with you in this training the essence of what I have learned in my more than 30 years of practice.