Breathwork certification for coaches, therapists, birth & medical workers and caregivers.

Essential Breathing

I want to help you to better support your clients to thrive on their life challenges.

Module 1: 13th and 20th of January 2024  – Online 

The Essential Breathing Teacher Training Immersion gives you tools to regulate your clients nervous system on the spot, enhance their thrive, help them gain broader perspective and get them in an improved emotional state.

 Some important implications for you?

Your success rate with your clients will increase monumentally.

You will standout in your sector with an impactful tool.

It will add massive value to your offers.

Wouldn’t that make a big difference in your mission, impact and income?

I know it will! Let’s get to it.

I am Rakel Sosa. I have been practicing and teaching breathing techniques for more than 30 years, long before it became a trend -and very happy that it finally did!-. I believe breathwork will change the world for good. When you learn to tune with the natural rhythm of your breath, listen to its signs and breathe optimally to regulate your system, the quality of your life increases at all levels. My basic training started at 18 years old with Indian yogis- monks for 6 years. Also with medical doctors, master healers, and in my own daily practice. I have created this Essential Breathing Certification to share with you a combination of practical ancient knowledge proved by science, that will allow you to guide your clients into a happier and healthier life. Using the most efficient tool that I have found so far, their breath. These tools will support you in your own life too, in self care, neuronal rewiring to achieve your goals and improving the quality of your relationships. Join me in this adventure.
You won't regret it.

This is an immersion for you if...

  • You are a life coach helping people with their health, their life, their business or their relationship.
  • You are a personal trainer, a nurse, a yoga instructor, a birth worker, or if you work with people one on one helping them to improve their lives in any way.
  • You are a therapist supporting people’s on mental health. 
  • You simply have a family member suffering from stress, illness or requiring them to balance their nervous system.
  • You want to be outstanding in your field and want to become an inspiring teacher and professional, to differentiate yourself from the rest with a very special tool, to help people discover a health renewal, vitality, creativity, strength, inner peace, endurance and greater well-being in their everyday life.

“It was a deeply enriching immersion. Full of knowledge and references spanning the scientific to traditions. I would recommend it to anyone who is seeking to guide others with tangible tools and a robust system of references.”  

– Catrin Prinzler, Coach

2 Modules

Module 1: Down-regulation. 

Date: Jan.13  and 20 January 2024 from 1pm-7pm CET

Evaluation practice Feb. 3 from 2pm-4pm CET

  • Anatomy and biology of respiration.
  • Down-regulating the nervous system with the breath. Calming anxiety, chronic stress and states of high tension with 5 precise breathing techniques.
  • 5 most frequent breathing mistakes. Techniques to assess your clients breathing patterns and how to correct them. 
  • The breath and the yoga system, the base for all that you see today in the breathwork world. 

Module 2: Up-regulation.

Date: Feb. 10 and  Feb 17 from 1pm-7pm

Evaluation practice Feb. 23 from 5pm-7pm CET

  • Breathing techniques to up-regulate the nervous system and re-energize. 
  • How to help your clients with the breath when they suffer from low energy and depressive tendencies.
  • The yoga system approach to low energy and techniques to increase it.  

After the two modules we will have 2 zoom sessions (one per month), to share experiences with the practice, ask questions and breathe together. In between sessions Rakel is available for questions through email and WhatsApp. 

These three following Modules are not part of the basic certification but optional.

Module 3: Women and Breathing 1 day – Date to be announced

  • Breathing and women’s hormonal system. Yes, we are different. We breathe differently. How to help women to use the breath to navigate the intensity of each cycle of their life.
Module 4: Children and teenagers and breathing 
1 day – Date to be announced
  • Breathing, children and teenage years .What happens to the brain, what  breathing techniques can help them and how to apply them.

Module 5: 2 days -Date to be announced

  • Self-care practices when you work helping others achieving wellbeing.  
  • Business model that has worked for me and that you can replicate to be of service with these tools. 

Rakel Sosa  is a Certified Stress Resilience coach from the German AHAB academy. She helps her clients navigate difficult transitions like separations, work and life crisis, burnout, working with the breath in private, groups and company settings. 

She is also a certified Breathwork instructor, and with more than 30 years of meditation practice has received initiations and 1500hrs certification in Yoga – with emphasis in Pranayama by the Rajadhiraja yoga tradition. She is the co-founder of the Institute for Human Potential, and the author of the pregnancy relaxation program Blooming Together. She  collaborates in publications like Huffington Post. Rakel knows stress from both sides:  she worked as a journalist at Radio France International for more than 10 years covering critical political and social subjects and conflict zones. Rakel holds a master’s degree in Communication from La Sorbonne University and a degree in documentary filmmaking from UCLA. She lives with her 14 years old daughter in Berlin. Since 2009 she is passionately focused on promoting inner growth and sustainable wellbeing using the breath as main tool.

Ready to upgrade the way you help your clients?

Invest in the complete Certification:  

  • Two modules Total 30 hours-.
  • 2 extra sessions of practice once a month -Total 6 hours.
  • Register now: €1050 Early bird until  December 2nd 2023. (Plus VAT -not included here-
  • 1555 – regular price -(Plus VAT -not included here-

You can also pay in instalment and start investing today in Module 1: 

  • €555 Early bird until December 2nd. (plus VAT not included here)
  • €777 regular price (plus VAT -not included here)C

Because of the direct impact that breathing has in the body, mind and emotions, it will upgrade the quality of work with your clients and help them obtain very concrete results in as little as one session.

“This was a great balanced course full of knowledge and love. I would recommend this immersion to get a holistic understanding of the breath and the physiological effects it connects to. The concrete breathing tools and meditation exercise are so easy to implement and make such a difference in my work. Two years later these practices have become an important part in my therapies to help the client manage emotional states and activate their parasympathetic state to manage their stress levels in a better way.”

– Uta Erle, Medical Doctor, Psychotherapist.

What do you get with the Essential Breathing Certification?

  • A video library with all the techniques that are taught  during the sessions, so you can check them and refresh them whenever you need to.
  • Accountability partner to share the process, asure the follow up and practice of the techniques.
  • A Facebook group to share, and ask questions.
  • At the end of each cycle, you will obtain the Essential Breathing Certification that you will be able to place on your website as a prove of training.
  • Access to Rakel to ask any question you need to in the implementation phase a month after the sessions.
  • All the sessions of the 2 levels will be recorded and the videos will be accesible to the participants for life.
  • After every day of training we will do a breathwork session to work on any emotional blockage or resistence that you might have and you will bring clarity of intention and action through it. 

About the Certification

The Essential Breathing 2 modules program works in three levels: Anatomy and mechanics of breathing, Emotional and psychological impact of breathing and breathing and energetics based on the yogic tradition.

I understand breathing as a complex process that activates and regulates the human body physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. For the knowledge to really sink in the sessions have been designed very practical. You will practice in pairs with accountability partner. It also includes and requires that you implement the tools in between sessions and bring your findings to the next gathering. 

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